We live in a world…

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2022.01.17 22:46 Mohecan We live in a world…

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2022.01.17 22:46 imonlyhereforFTP leopard gecko potential shedding issue

my leopard gecko has just started shedding for the second time but for some reason has not been attempting to pull or eat the skin off although it’s somewhat coming off, any ideas why or what i can do? it’s like his full body is still covered but he just won’t attempt to get rid of it
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2022.01.17 22:46 KyleTheWanderer #04 Metroid Dread LIVE! The Mission Continues! (1st Time Playthrough) Join Me!

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2022.01.17 22:46 Ok-Concentrate-9316 I just started rewatching One Piece Anime and all these early eps are so hilarious and entertaining, sometimes I would even laugh out loud. In contrast, the tone has completely changed after Marine Ford. Does everyone feel the same?

Just for fun!
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2022.01.17 22:46 One_Parched_Guy C0 Jean or C3 Sucrose?

Title. Don’t have either of them seriously built, running Bennett (Noblesse) and Zhongli (Tenacity) in the other two slots. I have Thrilling Tales for Sucrose, but I’m not sure what to put on Jean 🤔 no five star swords quite yet.
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2022.01.17 22:46 Dostories I really don't like snow anymore

I used to love snow, especially the fresh heavy snow on a quite night. I live in a small town in the Midwest near the border of Canada. I grew up in Alaska, I’m used to snow, darkness and extreme temperatures. But not anymore.
Last year I moved for work. It’s a normal office clerical work. Boring but it pays the bills. I bought a small house two bed, one and a half bath. It’s just me and my cat Coal. I’ve tried dating but its difficult. More so now than before, so the small space works.
A few weeks ago when the news of the blizzard was reported a few of us in my neighborhood watch (NHW) went around to make sure people had supplies and were prepared. I already had a small generator, bottled water, small space heater, easy to cook meals, a small camping stove, and an extra bag of cat food and some other cold weather supplies. The NHW had a small collection for things like getting our street plowed and some small emergencies like this. You didn’t have to pay into it but it was appreciated. Small packs were created and distributed along the street. We have about fifteen houses along my road so each house got a couple of survival glow sticks, some candles, dried food and a few bottles of water, and some cheap short range walkie talkies.
I came home from work on a Monday and the snow had already started falling pretty heavily. I checked to make sure my generator was working and hooked up and that I had spare fuel. I made sure rechargeable batters were plugged in and got myself some mac and cheese for dinner. As I was eating the wind started picking up and I had to turn the volume up on my tv to hear the movie I was watching. I checked my clock and saw that it was already late into the evening, but it had been dark for hours already. I checked my phone and had a text from my boss telling the office not to worry about going into work till things had settled down.
I looked outside and all I saw past my window was flashes of white from the light hitting snow. It was darker than I had ever seen anything before. I called out for Coal to get some dinner but he didn’t come running like he usually did. I checked under my bed and sure enough he was huddle in a corner. I figured the blizzard was really freaking him out. I put his food down and went to shower. As I was waiting for the water to heat up I turned on the walkie talkie and radioed out “Hey everyone its 9’oclock, just checking in to see if everyone is good” each house on the street had a number one through fifteen. I waited to hear each number call in with a quick “all good” or some other affirmation of safety. I was most worried about number ten Mrs. Bellcoat, the little old widow. After a minute a shaky “oh yes is it working? Hello? Hello? I’m doing fine”.
The remaining houses called in with positive messages. I took a quick shower and then sat on my couch reading a bit while listening to the raging snow, at some point though I fell asleep.
I snapped awake with the clinking of snow and ice hitting my living room window. Through bleary eyes I saw the glow of yellow headlights flash across my window. I rubbed my eyes and saw it was only 3am. My power was still on thankfully but the wind was cutting through chilling the house. I grabbed some extra blankets from my closet and tossed them on my bed. I pulled my space heater into my room and turned it on low Coal had eaten his food and crawled back under the bed but came out wearily at the sound of the space heater. Coal hopped onto the foot of the bed facing the heater and I crawled into bed ready to get some sleep. The “clinking” sound of the snow battering my window was making it very difficult to fall asleep now. And the thumping of the wind and snow hitting the side of the house would startle me right before I’d drift off. Eventually I did end up falling asleep but it was restless.
I groggily woke up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. My room was moderately warm from the heater. And Coal was curled up soaking up the heat. I went to the bathroom put some food in Coals’ bowl and threw a toaster in the oven. I thought irritatedly my body is so used to waking up for work I cant even sleep in during a storm the sun is still rising. I sighed and turned on the tv to put background noise on while I ate. I put some peanut butter on my bagel and pulled out my phone out. I froze with my bagel midway to my mouth as I noticed the time. It was 11am. But there was barely any light outside. Even during white out blizzards its never so dusky out.
I grabbed the walkie and radioed out “hey this 8 uhh, is it kinda dark outside anyone else’s house?” After a few moments the radio crackled and “this is 3 not just you. It looks like the sun just set over the horizon, whys it so dark? Is the cloud cover that bad?” every house radioed back to confirm. It was oddly dark out. Every house except 10. “Mrs. Bellcoat are you there?” each house called out but no reply. I stared at the walkie willing her to say something. “Hello sorry for the fuss I’m ok, it was just so dark out I kept sleeping then when I heard you all chirping on this thing I had to find my glasses to operate it. I let out a sigh and thanked her for reporting in. I reminded everyone to call in if anyone needed anything otherwise I would radio again at the scheduled time this evening.
Something about being locked up all day during a blizzard makes the day even more boring than usual. The constant wind and white out made a constant dull background noise. That could lul you to sleep. That first day though, it never got brighter. It looked like it was sunset levels of darkness all day long, though the days aren’t all that long it was still very unnerving. The Internet had gone out around 1pm unsurprisingly. So I watched a couple of movies and played with Coal.
By 3pm it was dark again. Outside was just blackness with occasional flashes of white. As snow whipped past the window. Around 4pm I started cooking myself some dinner while I still had electricity, fearing it would go out I figured an easy quick meal would be best. I cooked up two boxes of macaroni. Something that can be eaten cold if necessary. Then the crackle of the radio buzzed and Mrs. Bellcoat’s shaky voice barely came through “oh hello my living room window just shattered there’s snow pouring in” I went to pick up my walkie to ask her how bad it was when the radio crackled again “ Mrs. Bellcoat this is Tim how bad is it? Are you able to cover the window with anything?” I shook my head, Mrs. Bellcoat was short she wouldn’t be able to reach the top of the window. “oh damnit its pretty bad, the snow just wont stop pouring in.” her shaky frustrated voice came through. “I tried to cover it with a blanket but the wind is just too strong. “Ok, do you have a small heater?” Tim’s voice sounded reassuring. I guess he had a plan already. “yes I do its in the bedroom” her voice was barely audible over the howling wind. “ok take the heater, spare blankets your supplies and go into your bathroom, you need a place where you can trap the heat in a small room incase your power goes out. And the heat wont escape through a window.” Tim’s instructions came through. “alright ill get is started.” I put the walkie down and ate a small bit of my dinner while waiting for an update. After about 10 minutes Mrs. Bellcoat’s voice came through still shaky but the wind no longer drowned out her voice “ok I’ve got me and Jack in the bathroom with our things.” “Alright now stuff some towels into the crack of the door. And someone will come by as soon as they’re able. The storm is too harsh for you or anyone to try and walk through right now.” Tim seemed in control of this. He was leader of the NHW after all so I’m glad he had it under control.
The wind was thumping harder against the side of my house. I had moved the space heater into the living room and Coal had followed it out. I was dozing off when I saw the yellow glow of headlights flash past my window again. The plows were really making sure the roads were clear, which was surprising since then usually wait till after the blizzard has passed to get the more removed residential streets.
The walkie crackled and Mrs. Bellcoat voice came through but it sounded hushed and filled with fear, “h-hello? Is anyone there? I think an animal crawled in through the broken window” I shot awake upright and grabbed the walkie. Tim’s voice came over in a low calm hushed voice “Mrs. Bellcoat turn the knob on the top of the radio down so it is quiet. Then carefully put your ear against the door and tell me what you hear.” Silence. “The wind is so strong but I hear clicking like Jacks nails on the floor only they sound heavier” “Ok what else?” “Some sort of weird noise like-” the sound of shattering glass came through the radio followed by the soft whimper of Mrs. Bellcoat. “Are you ok Mrs. Bellcoat?” “Y-yes, I think it knocked over the display case” a load scraping sound came through the radio and a loud thump. A low growl came through and Mrs. Bellcoat hushed Jack. A different sound came through the radio, its hard to describe it, like someone recorded the wind and slowed it down and deepened it. Making an almost thumping sound. Silence. Followed by more silence. I could only think it was a big cat or maybe a bear had somehow found refuge in her house. The radio crackled “the power went out” came a fear filled Mrs. Bellcoats whimper. “shit” I said out loud followed by Tim’s own quite “shit” over the radio. “Ok wrap yourself and jack up in blankets I’ll try to get over there as soon as possible.” In a hushed whisper I radioed out “I’ll come too Tim, channel 4” I keyed my walkie to channel 4 and waited for Tim to switch over. After a few moments Tim’s voice came over “Hey John you can stay put ill go get her and scare off whatever’s in there” “You don’t know what got into her house Tim I’m already getting my winter gear on” “alright, I’ll meet you at your backdoor.”
I put Coal in the bathroom with the heater, some blankets, his food and water dish and his cat box. I put together a pack of spare snow gear and blankets, glow sticks, flares and a couple of flashlights. I bundled up with facemask and snow goggles and heavy boots and gloves. I opened my back door, which was a partially enclosed deck where I had my generator stored. The snow wasn’t too bad for a few feet but started clearing some snow and popped a flare for Tim to see.
After 15 minutes Tim came falling out of the snow and dragged me to the back door and we fell inside. “Holy shit its bad out” time said as he pulled his goggles up. “I don’t know how I made it, I didn’t see the flare till I was about ten feet away.” He hunched over breathing heavily “were you out there that whole time? its only a minute and a half walk from your house to mine.” He stood upright and turned to look at me “Something ain’t right out there. There was a path from my house looping around the Parks’ place then to your front window and around back here” I stared at him for a second “why didn’t you just use the road? They’ve been plowing.” Tim Blinked at me once “What the fuck are you talking about there’s been no plow out there” I frowned “But I saw the headlights through my window” “I thought I did too but when I tried the road it was just as deep as the rest of the snow” I stared out my window frowning “fuck it, let’s just go check on Mrs. Bellcoat”
I pulled my goggles down pulled on my pack and opened the door. The wind was howling as we stepped out into the Blizzard. I pulled out some climbing gear string and hooked it to my bag and then to Tims bag and we started off. We took awkward steps through the deep snow, occasionally falling from the wind knocking us off balance. My head lamp did little to illuminate in front of me and Tims didn’t fare much better. I popped a glow stick hoping it would add something but it just turned the snow around us a sickly neon green.
The wind thumped and howled, the snow turning a 2 minute walk into a 10 minute fight. We finally reached my neighbors house and found little refuge at the back of the house. It kept the direct wind off of us as we gathered ourselves for the next part of our rescue. Sucking in air through my facemask I tried to tell Tim I was ready but the wind was too loud even shouting it was difficult to make out words. I tapped him on the shoulder, he turned to me and I motioned forwards towards Mrs. Bellcoats house. He nodded and we started off.
We rounded the corner and found a partial path along the house toward the road, I looked over and saw through the window, two faint lights then trudged on. Tim reached the edge of the house then fell backwards against me as a gust of wind knocked him onto me. I felt him struggle to get off of me and pull me up. He looked back and I nodded at him the winds howling intensifying as we left the side of the house. one step at a time I thought to myself as the wind fought to push me down.
I estimated we were in the middle of the road based on the number of steps we had taken, but it was impossible to tell. All around us was blackness. The light from our lamps and glow stick seemed to be sucked away with each buffet of the. The wind howled in my ears and thumped like a strong bass. It would be almost impossible to get Mrs. Bellcoat to make it through this let alone her dog.
I felt the tug of the rope connecting me and Tim slacken. I bumped into him and noticed we had reached Mrs. Bellcoats house. I hadn’t even noticed it. Tim made his way across the front of the house, I assumed looking for the front window. We came upon it the snow was piling in I cracked a couple of glow sticks and tossed them into different parts of the living room. Hoping whatever animal was in there would be visible. The curtains were flapping furiously. Tim grabbed them and pinned them down on either side of the window. Careful not to make erratic movement.

I noticed deep groves along the edges of the window. I wiped my goggles to clear some snow off of them to get a better look but felt Tim pull on the rope bringing me inside. I clambered in after him and saw from the lights we brought the mess that had been made. Shelves knocked over TV smashed, coffee table crushed. I pulled my goggles up to see better. The wind still howled and thumped against the house. I noticed in the kitchen the fridge had been knocked over and food strewn about. 
Frost had built up all over the place. Some parts of the floor completely iced over. Claw marks ripped into the walls, and floors. The smallest ones probably an inch and half across and 8 inches long. My mind immediately conjured the image of a bear tearing us to shreds. Tim walked deeper into the house pulling me along. Gripped with fear I begrudgingly followed.
We turned the corner to head down the hallway when Tim stopped and I bumped into him. I looked down the hallway and felt the blood drain from my face. My body froze. Blood. Bits of flesh. Dog, and human. All over the hallway. From further into the house a low, deep howling..
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2022.01.17 22:46 ryanwhathaveyoudone What the hell happened to Oh No's topic channel?

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2022.01.17 22:46 PlzRetireMartinTyler A look back at England u20s 1 - 2 Canada u20s on 27th March 2016.

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2022.01.17 22:46 HunkMunk69 Kit me out $~600!

So I don’t know if it’s just me but none of the video links in the guide work anymore. Having tooled around a little online and in here I’m thinking the G & G Combat Raider. It has those integrated rails already and it’s the M4 platform. That being said if you have other suggestions that stay in that M4 platform I’m all ears. Looking to be doing Sim in the future so will be using mid cap mags. But otherwise I’m opening to pretty much anything. So what should I be getting for eye pro, face pro (no paintball masks please) and other stuff. I already have boots I’ll be wearing and I’ll grab camos from a surplus store locally.
Also if anyone is in the Portland/Vancouver area let me know, I’m old now but I’m always down for meeting and playing with interesting people.
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2022.01.17 22:46 Late-Parsnip178 Capitalism, socialism, & communism understanding in Ireland.

Hi all!
American here looking for some Irish perspectives. In the US we seem to have a deep misunderstanding of what socialism is and quite frankly it’s very debilitating to our political progress. I was wondering if there were similar misunderstandings in Ireland as well or if there was a better grip there.
To give more detail, Americans often misunderstand socialism/communism to be “government controls everything”. This stems from a misunderstanding of Leninism and isn’t actually socialism or communism. Are there more nuanced understandings of socialism and communism in Ireland ie Marxism/Leninism/Maoism, etc?
Also what’s the general feel of socialism/capitalism/communism etc in Ireland? Is there a large divide over there as there is here?
Not looking to argue or anything. Just wondering about the general understanding. I know the IRA was democratic socialist if I’m not mistaken (?) but I know there’s not a ton of support for them anymore (for understandable reasons) but I also saw the Sinn Fein is now the most popular party? Any connection here or is that an entirely different discussion?
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2022.01.17 22:46 Broad-Rise-56 THE BEST PLAYLIST FOR SEXTIME. I would love to share it with you FOR FIGHTING BLUE MONDAY! I hope you enjoy it!

THE BEST PLAYLIST FOR SEXTIME. I would love to share it with you FOR FIGHTING BLUE MONDAY! I hope you enjoy it! submitted by Broad-Rise-56 to ProjectListen [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 22:46 snalejam Free Short Story Anthology in epic fantasy world of Eldros Legacy

Download Here There Be Giants (bookfunnel.com)
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2022.01.17 22:46 GOLDMUNCHAR creating illustrations for my jojo fanmade story

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2022.01.17 22:46 slowerhand [PS4] [W] Polygrid [H] credits or items

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2022.01.17 22:46 Lennon_1 Music promotion channel

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2022.01.17 22:46 TheWawa_24 Clearing up some Misconceptions About hypercar and LMDH

Hypercar is the WEC name of the combination of two separate classes that will race together in 2023 in wec.
Imsa hasn't decided the name of its combined class yet (although is likely to remain as just "LMDh" despite allowing LMH cars to compete). the LMH rules were created in 2019 and started racing in 2021. Examples include the Gr010 Glickenhaus scg007 and Peugeot 9*8.These are custom-made cars THE lmdh class was originally the DPI 2.0 rules in imsa. However, further adjustments to the formula brought it into the hypercar environment alongside the LMHs. These include the new BMW Porsche and audi prototypes. These are based off the 2024 lmp2 regulation with a spec hybrid. However, they include custom engines and bodywork. The Porsche is a Hypercar, but not an LMH.
TLDR Porsche and other lmdh can be called a Hypercar because its made to one of the two rulesets that are under the Hypercar umbrella. But it can't be called an LMH because it was not designed according to the LMH ruleset
Special thanks to Space dragon on the wec discord and u/BCNBammer for Helping me write this
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2022.01.17 22:46 KyleTheWanderer #04 Metroid Dread LIVE! The Mission Continues! (1st Time Playthrough) Join Me!

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2022.01.17 22:46 Starship1990 Okay let's raise the salt with what is people's unpopular opinion? Though this time real unpopular opinions.

As the title said what is an unpopular you have, but please follow the following since I know many will use them and pass them as unpopular:
-Kanto is overrated (Has been said since X and Y)
-2D games are better than 3D, also sprites better. (This is everywhere on media; I am even sure there was a post a few days on it)
-Mega Evolution good other gimmicks bad (Don't try and deny it, even on videos about Z-moves and Dynamax there are people saying #BringBackMegas)
-Charizard is overrated (Just don't, the poor guy has been hated by the fandom for quite a while on twitter)
-Gen 5 is the best (As much as it pains since it is my favorite gen, since 2019 it's not underrated anymore)
-The franchise has been going downhill (I don't agree a second with this one, but it is said everywhere I go... even on non-Pokémon oriented topics)
These are the few I can think of. And now time for my unpopular opinion... you know what let's give one from each generation to raise the salt:
-Kanto: it has my least favorite of Pokémon designs in the franchise.
-Johto: the games are extremely badly paced.
-Hoenn: might have my least favorite pokedex (I still stand with Kanto having worse designs, but I don't care a second about most Hoenn mons)
-Sinnoh: the least appealing region design wise... by a landslide.
-Unova: already said above.
-Kalos: the region might be my favorite design wise.
-Alola: the Ultra games are some of the best games, not Pokémon, just games period.
-Galar: I find the story and plot quite interesting for how easy they are.
Yes, this is it. I might get hate but hey it's an opinion and I respect yours. (Depending on the opinion or the person) Share and make the salt rise.
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2022.01.17 22:46 Beautychaos From Strawberry to Cobalt for my partner!

From Strawberry to Cobalt for my partner! submitted by Beautychaos to Rollerskating [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 22:46 jayxxroe22 How to revive a dying cactus? I’ve had it for four years now but it’s turning brown all of a sudden. It’s in an east-facing window so it gets plenty of sun

How to revive a dying cactus? I’ve had it for four years now but it’s turning brown all of a sudden. It’s in an east-facing window so it gets plenty of sun submitted by jayxxroe22 to plants [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 22:46 allinxn Scammer Alert!

He just changed his Discord name to: Compguru#1802
His PayPal email is: corneliusmaiyo.cm@gmail.com I needed help with a Biochemistry Exam because I was looking to finish my class with an A. This guy reached out to me saying he would help with the traditional half upfront, half after. He had vouches and everything.
We had worked together before in Biochem. He didn't do great last time, but he promised that I would get at least an 80 or he would refund me. We take the exam no problem... he gets me a 50. I show him which problems were wrong. At this point, I ask for the refund.
He says that he has to wait for the funds to clear, but will send me a refund as soon as it does. This seemed reasonable, so I agreed. The date comes and goes, and I haven't heard a thing from this guy. I messaged multiple times, for multiple days only to get another reply saying the money hasn't cleared. I give him a few more days with nothing. Again, I have to send multiple messages before he tells me again that he is having problems w PayPal and that he needs only one more week. Begrudgingly I agree, telling him that he has one more week or else I am filing a report with PayPal. (He even tries to ask if he can make it up to me through free assignments, but why would I take that offer if he got me a 50 already?)
Finally the week passes. I messaged him again, but I see he has now changed his discord name 🤣 he finally reached out and gave me more excuses about how his PayPal isn't "working" so he can't refund me. Then, he says he will send me the money 3 days ago from another account, and has ignored me since then. If you guys encounter this discord name or PayPal email, DO NOT trust him.
Note: I tried reaching out to PayPal (I sent the money through goods and services, but they still denied the claim).
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2022.01.17 22:46 alextgoat336 Does anyone know if cbs will ever do a survivor runners up season? Or have cool ideas for new seasons?

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2022.01.17 22:46 knichols98 this is what, as shoppers our app does sometimes 🙃

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2022.01.17 22:46 Callategordito ezy A electives

any 3 hour classes that are easy?
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2022.01.17 22:46 KingKanas 🚨The best ARTIST is on this project with the insane art, the first 30 people who PM get the link🚨

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