Transcript of the Official Debriefing of FRB Department of Public Safety Special Operations Sergeant [REDACTED] following the Cambridge Anomaly

2021.12.07 02:05 HeadOfSpectre Transcript of the Official Debriefing of FRB Department of Public Safety Special Operations Sergeant [REDACTED] following the Cambridge Anomaly

This record is for internal use for the FRB only. Distributing this record to any party outside of authorized FRB personnel without the written consent of Director Amanda Spencer constitutes breach of contract and will be punished accordingly.

[Transcript begins:]

Interviewer (I): Sergeant [REDACTED]. Good to see you again.

Sergeant (S): Is it?

I: Don’t be so dramatic. This won’t take long.

S: You always say that.

I: And I always try to mean it. So, in the interest of getting this over with. Why don’t we talk about Cambridge?

S: You’ve got the files and the footage. What’s there to talk about?

I: Oh, there’s a lot to talk about… But let’s start at the beginning, huh? Cambridge. Why were you there? What was the inciting incident?

S: I’m sorry, why is this necessary?

I: Please, just answer the question Sergeant.

S: Fine… About three weeks ago, we received reports about the disappearance of five men in Cambridge, Ontario. These reports by themselves were not of interest to us, however, local police had tracked them to an abandoned warehouse and found some unusual burns on the floor… They also found DNA evidence suggesting others were at the scene. This evidence led them to Crystal Parker and Mia Peterson, a couple who lived nearby and frequented a bar that the missing men were also known to visit. The bartender confirmed there’d been a dispute between Peterson and one of the missing men, Dylan Ridgeway.

I: A dispute?

S: Do I seriously need to explain to you what a fucking dispute is? They got into a fight. Ridgeway and his buddies followed the girls out. Bartender said he’d started it. Apparently, he’d harassed those girls before… Anyways. Police tracked them down. Brought them in for questioning and eventually one of them cracked. Said that Ridgeway and his friends had grabbed them and dragged them off to the factory with… Ill intentions… They almost did it, right up until something showed up and ended all five of them.

I: What was it that the girls saw?

S: Something that appeared human. The description they gave when we spoke to them said it was extremely pale but also not quite solid. The… The word that Miss Parker used was ‘melting’. Their description didn’t match any of the usual suspects. Ghouls, demons, shit like that. Apparently, whatever it was made Ridgeway and his pals disappear. Burned them away until nothing was left.

I: I see. I presume that was when you began your investigation of the scene?

S: No sir. The agent on the scene at the time determined that we were likely dealing with a Class 3 or above entity and requested backup. My team arrived in Cambridge approximately 12 hours later. We spoke with the girls independently to verify the threat and took proper precautions before we proceeded out to the area with a team of 15 men.

I: So you did it by the book, then?

S: Yes sir.

I: Alright. What’d you find at the scene?

S: An abandoned warehouse. Indications of extreme heat at what was marked as the crime scene and a persistent ozone smell. We could not determine the source of it but presumed it was related. As is protocol, we did a sweep of the area looking for evidence of whatever entity killed those men.

I: And what did you find?

S: We found an area of the warehouse that had been blocked off. Part of the old offices, in the back. We needed a torch to cut through the wall to access it. Something else had welded it in place, presumably to keep any trespassers away from that part of the building. Behind that wall we found what we later determined to be some sort of laboratory.

I: And what happened next?

S: That was when… Well… That was when She showed up. It started with that burning ozone smell. It was stronger in the lab. Overpowering, almost. Then came the light show. Flashes of actual lightning coming out of nowhere. Not natural lightning, though… Something was off about it. Where it struck, it left this black residue. Like tar. I presumed this was the work of the entity and kept the men back. Told them to ready their guns. We waited and the lightning kept striking. Almost hit me a few times. It was always off by just enough… Then we saw her…

I: The same figure seen by the girls?

S: I believe so. She manifested near the corner of the room. Very pale. Her skin was almost white and it looked… Cracked. Like broken porcelain. You could see more of that black tar like liquid dripping out of the cracks. It was dripping out of her eyes and her mouth too. She just stared at us. Didn’t say a word. She just stared right up until I gave the order to open fire.

I: And what happened?

S: No effect… Gunfire only seemed to agitate her. She retreated at first, despite showing no signs of injury. Then when my team kept shooting she… Well… She retaliated…

I: Retaliated?

S: You’ve seen the goddamn footage.

I: And now I’m asking you to put it into words. What do you mean by ‘retaliated.’

S: [There is an audible sigh.] One minute… She was recoiling. The next, she was looking at us and I heard a voice. It… It sounded human. But broken. Distorted. Like a voice through an old radio. It said: ‘Stop it!’... Then everyone was dead.

I: I’m going to need you to elaborate.

S: Everyone was fucking dead! It’s like the fucking world just… just blew up! There were arcs of that fucking lightning, I could hear my men screaming and the smell… God, the fucking smell… Burning… She just burned them away without even trying. No clothes, no bones, nothing left. Not even ashes. She ended the fucking fight in a heartbeat.

I: Was that when the entity fled?

S: No… Not exactly… I remember looking at her, not sure how the hell I was still alive. Maybe that was luck. I don’t think she spared me intentionally. That would imply there was any intention at all in what she did.

I: What do you mean by intention? You think she didn’t mean to kill your men?

S: Honestly? I don’t know… I don’t think so, no. Even with such a broken face I could still see the horror there… We provoked her. She defended herself. I just don’t think she realized what that entailed.

I: How can you be sure about that?

S: I’ve been doing this for twelve goddamn years. I’ve fought monsters. I know when they’re trying to kill you. They don’t fucking hesitate. They don’t regard the scene afterwards like that, with both awe and horror… With all due respect, I don’t believe that what that entity did was intentional.

I: And what about the thirteen men you lost?

S: A regrettable casualty, sir. They were good men… But my gut instinct tells me that their deaths were accidental. If she wanted us dead, why not kill all of us? I was in that room, so were most of the other survivors. Why not finish us off? She clearly had that capability.

I: I suppose. Let’s continue… What happened next?

S: There was no next. She disappeared. One more blast of lightning and then she was gone. She took that burning ozone smell with her… It lingered for a few hours but it was weaker.

I: I see… What about the scene? What did you recover from the lab?

S: Nothing. Equipment was all fried. Some sort of EMP. Way I heard it, we’d be lucky to get anything off what’s left of that equipment. I imagine her exit is what cooked the lab. She realized she couldn’t scare us off, didn’t want to kill the rest of us so… She retreated. Burned whatever she’d been doing in there and vanished.

I: That’s a fairly detailed theory, Sergeant.

S: I’m just putting the pieces together. Whatever she was… She assembled that equipment. She was working on something. I don’t know what, but it was something and she clearly didn’t want anyone else getting their hands on it. Put in her situation, I’d have done the same. Burn everything and run.

I: You sympathize with her?

S: A little. Look… I’m not happy about my team, okay? I am not happy to see my men wasted! But I’m practical enough to see this for what it was. This was panic. This was something that doesn’t know what it is, doesn’t know its own strength. This was something that wanted to run, not fight.

I: And you believe that wholeheartedly?

S: I know what I saw.

I: Alright then…

S: So is that it? Can I go now?

I: Yes… I think that’s all I need. But I’ll let you know if I require anything else.

S: You’re going to hunt it down, aren’t you?

I: Excuse me?

S: You’re going after it… Her…

I: That’s not my call to make.

S: Maybe not… Look. I know you don’t give a shit about my advice but I’m giving it to you anyways. Let sleeping dogs lie. That thing saved those girls. It could have killed us all. It didn’t. I agree that it’s dangerous. But maybe that just means it’s better left alone.

I: Noted… Are you done, Sergeant?

S: Yes sir. I am.

I: Then please, show yourself out.

[Transcript ends]

Special Operations Sergeant [REDACTED] has been determined to be compromised and recommended for termination.
Would suggest permanent measures as his questionable judgment may prove to be a liability to the FRB in the future.
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