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The notmycat i found at a park, im surprised it was friendly enough to be pet

2021.12.07 03:27 perrogamer_attempt2 The notmycat i found at a park, im surprised it was friendly enough to be pet

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Do retailers really have banana backwoods in America again? If it’s true and they do carry them, I’m in WA State if you know a shop that has them please let me know.
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Just a quick note: I wish there were posts on this subreddit. I actually have been wanting to talk about these books for a while but I haven’t met any other people who have read the books.
So as most of us know the Hush Hush movie has been teasing us as to when it will be released. As of right now it’s set to premiere in 2022 which is really exciting. I’ll be honest the book is a bit of a cliché kind of like twilight but I actually enjoyed it enough that I read all the books and till wanted more. I hope the movie is as good as I’m imagining it but let’s be honest here. Most movies are not as good as the books. Though I am hoping for the best. (:
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I read this book in 5th grade about this kid who took a train across the U.S. to get to tiger woods or something and there was something about oranges or peaches or something. Please help I really hope I didn’t have a fever dream about some random kid and golfing.
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If anyone decides to hold up drive time traffic, just know, there's a more humane way to go about it.. Kevorkian Enterprise LLC... Contact them at (555) 382-5968.
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Which martial art do you guys think causes the most injuries? (Ignore the rest just meeting the 200 character count requirement to post this. Typing words because I have to. Random words. Just trying to get to two hundred and nine characters)
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I’m still kinda fucked up so I don’t know if I’m writing this right or not but todsy my gf and I took our respective doses (hers 120mg and mine 180mg oral) we waited like an hour or longer and had no effects at all. We decided to take a 25mg bump each and ended up tripping pretty hard for what we were expecting(first timers with this drug) ended up just laying in a bath full of love for hours with my girlfriend and talking the whole time. I got a message I needed to be sober. My girlfriend is even seeing herself slightly differently now. How should I dose next time too? The oral ROA was only because my gf recent had surgery and couldn’t snort anything (did anyway) anyways thanks guys hope this helps anyone who ever takes low dose oral doses wait for it to hit u it’s not gonna not lol have a good night guys
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2021.12.07 03:27 c71clark ELI5: Why aren't we all using IPv6 yet?!

It's been over a year since this has been asked! Last I heard we ran OUT out of IPv4 numbers already, and it seems like the momentum of everything getting IP's has accelerated massively. Smart lights, toasters, cars, etc... What's the holdup?
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"This has to be the worst posting on Earth." Kendra'ha sighed as her eyes started to hurt from staring at the screen. The Shil'vati woman had long since accepted that nothing was ever gonna happen at this particular outpost.
Linhe smirked as she rotated the comms array which continued to broadcast the all clear signal to their sister sights. "But you did request posting on Earth." She responded with her lines. The two of them have had this conversation many times before.
"Ya, to meet cute alien boys! Not to sit in the mountains, staring at a screen. I don't even get to shoot anything. The most exciting thing that had happened was when that mountain goat made its way inside the base, and ate most of the emergency ration packs…. And the captains left boot." She giggled at the thought.
"Just use your leave to go to the city." Linhe responded, unhelpfully, mocking her fellow Shil'vati.
"Oh ya, the only two cities with a shuttle port within a hundred clicks of here are either still angry that we bombed them from orbit, or angry 'cause we wanted them to stop polluting THEIR planet by burning dead lizards!" She stopped to take a breath and check how much longer they had left in their shift. "I still can't wrap my head around it! We replaced most of the Human's power plants with better and more efficient plasma reactors. But it just made the Humans mad cause it's TAkeN OuR jObs!" She pantomimed the one fat human that had thrown an egg at her last time she was in Calgary. "The job in question is mining a dead lizard graveyard!" She exclaimed.
"They've gotten over the whole bombing thing in Vang-coover" Linhe struggled with the human name for the city. "Plus the L.T. says their sports are pretty fun to watch."
"Sports!" Kendra'ha perked up. "Like turox riding?"
"No" She paused, trying to remember how Lieutenant Lowlee described it. "It's two teams of 5, propelling themselves on ice, trying to crash into each other as fast and as hard as possible to stop the others from putting a rubber disk in a net, and there's a sixth player on each side who tries to protect the net." Kendra'ha looked confused. "Also each side is made of really hot guys and sometimes they stop to have a fist fight."
Kendra'ha's confusion turned to elation at that. "That's the coolest sport I've ever heard of. We have to go see it!"
"This is the best posting on Earth" Raffel thought to herself not for the first time. The Rakiri was enjoying her day off by doing what Rakiri do best; hunting. It took her a little while to get used to the Human rifle and the prey species on the planet, but she took a liking to both. She was currently tracking what the humans called a deer. The animal was very tasty and its root-like horns were prized as trophies. Which made her immediately take to the animal.
She closed her eyes, focusing on her ears and nose to find the animal, and was not immediately aware of the structures in the clearing she had just entered. When she opened her eyes she was greeted with the sight of several strange Human houses. The buildings were nothing like the ones she had seen in the cities. These were giant by comparison with high steep sloped roofs that on some almost met the ground, and made out of large logs.
Raffel's tail swung approvingly as she walked down the gravel road flanked by these strange houses, eventually coming to one with a large orange tarp over the face of it. Overcome with curiosity she approached slowly and moved the tarp aside with the barrel of her gun.
Inside was a Shil'vati exo that had been shot down and partially scrapped. She looked back to the road and under the new light of this discovery noticed the scars of a battle. The road had a number of large holes, the houses had a number of patches and a few windows had been replaced with wood covering where they had been riddled with laz or gun fire. A Human vehicle sat partially melted, a fact obscured by the vegetation that began to over grow the metal carcass.
"What happened here?" She quietly mouthed to herself as she continued through this odd mountain village, seeing more signs of battle obscured by the semi skillful repairs. Some buildings looked immaculate with the only signs of damage being the newer paint over the patches, others were burned out husks with whatever material left over gutted and scavenged out of them to repair the salvageable buildings.
But where was everyone? Everywhere she looked was empty and it was beginning to unsettle her. That's when she saw it. She got a glimpse of a tall tower between the trees. At first she thought it was an incredibly over-built power line with two large gauge cables supported on either side. Her confusion only grew as she saw more of the massive structures.
The tower was part of a straight chain of towers ending at the top of the mountain, but that wasn't the weird part. The weird part was that the cables had seats Hanging off of them. As she looked to the bottom of the slope it became clear they weren't power lines, but were in fact some form of transportation up the slope. The cables came down to meet the ground where the seats came only a few paws off the ground. Behind this stood similar structures each going up the mountain at different angles.
Raffel made her way to the base where all the structures seemed to start. Was this some kind of mining town? Were these meant to take miners up the mountain to mine shafts? Her train of thoughts was cut short, her ears twitched hearing a new sound interrupting the eerie silence.
"She looked at me with those big brown eyes!"
The undoubtedly masculine singing voice was coming from somewhere along the middle of the structures up the mountain. Raffel followed the sound not quite running up the slope.
Mom always said men hate a girl that's too eager. She thought, making her way past the sixth tower before she spotted the male.
The man in question was climbing up one of the towers. He had thick, curly brown fur on his head and face and he was wearing a tool belt, black canvas pants and nothing else
"You know you know you ain't seen nothing yet" he howled in melody, still not noticing he had an audience.
Rakiri men typically wore much less, but the humans were more like the Shil'vati in the fact that their men always wore a shirt. And Raffel could see why. The sight of the male made her hungry. As she studied the man's glistening body his arm caught the light briefly and shined. His arm was metal! She was shocked, as she did know the Shil'vati were making replacement arms for humans. She was still staring at the odd metal appendage when she reached the bottom of the tower.
"BBBBBABY YOU AIN'T SEEN NNNNNNNOTHING YE... JESUS CRIST!" The man exclaimed, losing his balance, having now noticed the Rakiri below him. Thankfully, he was secured to the tower with a rope and his tool belt seemed to have some sort of harness integrated in to it. Unluckily he flipped upside down dumping the contents of his tool belt to the ground below.
Bigfoot is real! Bigfoot is real and she's a girl with a gun. These were the first thoughts that went through his head as he hung from his safety harness having fallen off the tower.
"Hello." Raffel said in harsh English.
So, Bigfoot can talk… He thought, eying the large fur-coated woman before him.
Bigfoot also looked alot more wolf like then he expected, and she wasn't pointing the gun at him.
Maybe the Bigfeets have come to help against the aliens … little late for that.
"You need assistance?"
He couldn't tell if the Bigfoot was asking or telling. So they just sat there for a second, the human staring at the Rakiri dumbfounded, hanging from his harness, upside-down. Until Raffel made for the ladder to start climbing
"Ah, no, I'm good, sorry" the Human spurred as he propelled his legs downward righting himself he grabbed rope and swung back to the tower grabbing the ladder. He unclipped his safety harness and slid down the ladder.
Raffel's ear stood slightly as the human descended the tower with surprising grace. “You are unhurt?” she said as she handed him one of his dropped tools.
Her English wasn't great he thought to himself and she probably wasn't Bigfoot, so that left alien. He knew the Shil’vati had other species in their Empire, but had never seen any of them. So he took a chance.
“Ah no, and thanks.'' he said in Shil’vati grabbing the tool.
Raffel shouldn't have been surprised he knew Shil’vati, he had a Shil’vati arm after all. “Uhm, yes” she switched to the much more familiar tongue confirming the man's suspicion. “I am a private Raffel of the Shil’vati Marines." Handing the man, another tool, she had so many questions to ask him about. 'What was this place, where was everyone, what was he doing here, was there a battle, do you like to hunt, what happened to your arm, are you looking for a pack mate'? She decided the last to should probably be saved 'till they were closer.
“My name is Philip.” He replied, accepting the tool and finishing gathering the rest. “I'm sorry, I didn't see you drive in.” He said, gesturing to a winding road they could clearly see from the high viewpoint. They could see the whole village from here. It was much bigger that Raffel had imagined, it could probably house upwards of five thousand.
Raffel paused to take in the view of the mountain village and the beautiful mountains and pine trees, even the road looked more like a river that an artificial path. “I did not travel here by the road, I was tracking prey from the outpost.”
“Yes “ Raffel paused, was she supposed to tell people about the outpost? She didn't think it was a secret and nothing in her deployment orders read as classified. “Its a few hours wester by foot. On what your people call Mt. Kutituz.”
“Mt. Kurtz?”
“Yes that one! We are there to monitor sky ship traffic over your Rocky Mountains.” And shoot down anything not supposed to be there, but he didn't need to know that part.
"Thats quite the hike from Mt.Kurtz." He looked impressed. "You probably worked up a thirst. Lets go open up the bar and I'll get you a drink." Philp started heading down the hill and Raffel followed.
She was surprised this place had a bar but she didn't let it show. "What is this place?" She asked as they made their way down.
"Oh gee, I guess you won't know." He stoped and gestured to the village. "Welcome to Fortress Mountain Ski Resort!" He announced with pride.
"Ski?" She cocked her head
" Ya its a … like tobogganing." He answered, unsure of if it was helpful. A quick look at Raffel confirmed it was not "A recreational activity for the winter months."
So not a mining village, a resort village. Raffel took a mental note. "So there is no one here because it is summer then?" The two continued their walk down the mountain coming to a building that appeared to be the oldest of the structures. A sign hung above the entrance, but Raffel could not read the human language, hell, she could hardly speak it.
As Philip held the door open for her to enter she was slightly embarrassed, at having a male open the door for her. "We..." he paused, unsure how to phrase his next statement. "The resort was damaged during the inva.." He stopped himself again. "Integration into the empire. And a lot of the people who had cabins here were lost." his voice hinted at sorrow.
Raffel was too distracted by the space they had entered to notice. It was a warm space; it reminded her of her family's den back home. Philp flipped a switch and a variety of different lights came on. No two pieces of furniture were the same, each had different heights, styles and sizes, some were clean stained wood, other had carvings in them. One even had so many scratch marks there was hardly an untouched corner.
Philp noticed her studying it. "New visitors are supposed to carve their name in it." He said, moving away from her. The walls were covered with photographs, some old of humans in florescent colored winter covering standing in the snow with boards strapped to their feet, others from just before the Shil’vati arrived, a human female had Rakiri like ears attached to her helmet. Raffel chuffed at that.
The walls also had old equipment on them. Lots of the strange feet-boards in all shapes and sizes and old signage with colored shapes and human writing. But the oddest wall decoration was a Shil'vati pulse rifle with the barrel chopped down, a crystal of some kind mounted to the front and a thick cord attached to a vehicle battery. The whole contraption was partially melted. Next to it was a picture of three humen smiling over the contraption in an un-melted form. There was a scruffy blonde haired male with long hair and an even longer beard wearing a hooded sweater with a leaf on it. Next to him was an athletic female with brown hair wearing a tank top and a woolen hat with a fuzzy ball on the top. And next to her, holding a wrench was her current host. He was younger, had a shaved face and still had both arms but it was undoubtedly him
"So, what can I get you?" the Human named Philp said. While Raffel was examining the bar he had replaced his shirt and donned a glove on his mechanical hand. He had taken a position behind the bar, lookingat her expectantly.
"An ale." she responded, taking a seat at the bar. Surprisingly the stool was the perfect height for her to sit comfortably. "Are you the only one who works here?"
"Ya, kinda, for now." He poured two pints and passed one to her. "I'm actually the owner."
"You own this mountain!" She was shocked.
"Yes, aside from a few of the cabins. Im sole proprietor, head mechanic, hotel manager, and bartender." He put on a fake smile. "The, uh, chain of succession got pretty short during first contact."
Raffel and the man sat in an award silence. The photos seemed to take a more sinister presence. She quickly finished her drink as his sat untouched.
He didn't know if it was the right thing to say, but it was the truth. After the Shil’vati showed up and started taking over the planet, most of the residents and owners - including his family - came here to hold up until the army arrived, still under the stupid belief that Humanity was going to pull off an 'Independence Day'.
Now most of those residents and all of the owners were buried not far from here. Add that to the fact he could count the people he's talked to, this year, on his one remaining hand, resulting in his social skills having almost completely atrophied. And she was hot, he didn't think a seven foot tall wolf girl could pull off the sexy outdoorsy tomgirl look, but between her brown fur, piercing blue eyes, her plaid top and the human rifle she was ticking all the right boxes.
Raffel’s confidence was none-existent. She had fantasized that this would go much differently; she'd even heard that a number of Humans loved Rakiri. But this was obviously not one of them; he just stared at her drumming his fingers against his full glass. She had come as a member of the military that had shot this place up and killed most of the people whose pictures adored the walls of the establishment. She felt like a fool, of course; Humans wanted nothing to do with her. Her ears drooped as she finished her drink and paid the man. She made to leave, her tail hung limp.
"Wait." he called, breaking free of his thoughts "It’s not your fault. I mean, I don't blame you. Damn it." He brought his gloved hand to scratch his head trying to remember how to talk to people. "What I'm trying to say is you're welcome here, this is supposed to be a happy place! It’s supposed to be a place where you come to get away from your problems in the real world." he gestured to the pictures on the wall.
Raffel nocied for the first time that everyone in every picture was smiling, even in the background. There were even pictures of injured humans in casts with victorious smiles.
"I'm trying to bring that back." He took a deep breath. "And I'd like it if you were a part of it."
"You would??" She asked pensively, turning to face Phillip.
"Yes, you're just here, trying to relax, right? Get some hunting in and unwind, and that's what this place was for." He looked at her with something he hadn't had for a while. Hope. If he could make her feel welcomed, help her enjoy her time here, get her to smile. He was one step closer to restoring this place.
Raffel’s face remained unchanged, but her tail began to sway ever so slightly, as she took her seat and ordered another beer.
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