gimme a nice quote, i’ll read them when i wake up tmr!!

2021.12.07 03:24 mab2002 gimme a nice quote, i’ll read them when i wake up tmr!!

if you want to ofc
if this flops, my dog wrote it)
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2021.12.07 03:24 _0x0_ 20th anniversary fancy dinner ideas?

We were supposed to be in vegas for our anniversary end of December but plans got cancelled, now I am not sure if we can get reservation anywhere before 24th. Any ideas? Looking for something really fancy, can be manhattan, long island, doesn't have to be famous but should be dress up dinner place something romantic.
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2021.12.07 03:24 colinvoli Elizabethsquirt

Hit me up for a dirty and naughty play only to serious buyers
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2021.12.07 03:24 stagnent246 (WTS)Glock Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for Models 20 21 29 30 37 40 41- $55(CA) (they're the ones on the right) Not sure how old they are they came on a pistol I got. They are green in the front and orange in the back.
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2021.12.07 03:24 rs_knowledge Aim of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji

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2021.12.07 03:24 Git-Lord Maskwood Nexus from the command zone.

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2021.12.07 03:24 RED_WING_ I was just gonna say I'm proud that my little brother is playing minecraft but I'm not now cause he's moaning and thinks its a joke which is werid as fuck

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2021.12.07 03:24 Ablative12-7 There.

There is a limited acuity
and a limited awareness
a partial opportunity
for searching and for fairness
it has an end
all of it in time
like mine
it has a form
it has a peak
it has a norm
I suppose now then
that the suchness of a thing
is such a thing
as such as something
such as something
and as such
as in that
again as such a thing
for a wing
to bring
a thing
of limited acuity
a thing
of limited awareness
a song
of partial opportunity
for a place
of finding and of fairness.
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2021.12.07 03:24 betootafeed “Don’t Teachers Get Enough Days Off?” Sneers Mosman Young Liberal WFH In Dad’s Investment Pad

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2021.12.07 03:24 Minute-Stand1985 ‼️Giving away 1x 🐐 NFT + 20 WL spots 💥.

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2021.12.07 03:24 WaywardSachem Road Warriors

Something maybe overlooked in our season so far is that we are a perfect 6-0 on the road this year. To me that shows discipline and mental toughness above all else, going into hostile territory again and again, and always coming up with the W. Week 15 will likely be our last 'big' challenge in this respect (though don't look now but Miami is getting hot), but I want to shout out the whole coaching staff for making sure this team is as prepared as possible for every game. Obviously it starts with Bill, but it trickles down to every coordinator and positional coach as well.
LFF, FTJ, and in Bill we goddamn TRUST. Very much looking forward to a completely stress free week of football!
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2021.12.07 03:24 runner7mi do you still give file extensions to files?

is it a good practice to write file extensions? or is it unnecessary? i've been using linux for 6 months now and i've gotten in the habit of not writing file extensions whether it's text files, python files, bash scripts etc; because Linux doesn't need file extensions.
i can just read the files with cat or text editor..
does anyone work like this or is it a good idea to have file extensions?
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2021.12.07 03:24 betootafeed Uninterested Babe At The Beach Has No Idea How Cool Mulleted Leatherman Used To Be In the 80s

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2021.12.07 03:24 Bazinga9998 .

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2021.12.07 03:24 delsystem32exe person object contains 3 numerical attributes x,y,z. how to use matplotlib to print a 3d graph of each person object.

I have an array of person objects, with
x = ages
y = salary
z = happyness
How can i construct a 3d matplotlib graph that uses data from the array of persons and plots (x,y,z) for all persons.
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2021.12.07 03:24 bruhhhhhitsmee Anyone that had brought a duffle bag to the bathroom? Where do you put the bag at before handling your business? (Airport)

Do you leave it on the floor of your stall? Hook or wrap the strap of stall??
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2021.12.07 03:24 khalid0321 Should I choose YouTube as carrier, is that a growing scope for teenagers?

View Poll
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2021.12.07 03:24 buggy1788 Where did all the tarps come from

Blue tarps aren’t something that I would think would be plentiful on a plane yet they had tons of them to make shelters from on the beach
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2021.12.07 03:24 Sz_Benedek21 Battery not charging to 100%

I just installed LineageOS on my Poco X3 Pro and I've noticed that it doesn't charge to a 100%. What can I do in this situation? What could be causing the issue? Any help is appreciated!
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2021.12.07 03:24 Titan826 "The Season’s upon us" by Dropkick Murphys has changed

Does anyone know about the Christmas themed song "The Season’s upon us" by Dropkick Murphys? If you do, what instrument plays the most in the opening? If you ask me I'd say an accordion. But listen to just the opening and tell me what instrument you hear? Please tell me I'm not going crazy!
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2021.12.07 03:24 Head-Jumpy Had to get in a squad pic before the destruction of Verdansk on one of our favorite spots 😤🙏🏾

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2021.12.07 03:24 go_champ The reason why I don't play games to distress anymore..

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2021.12.07 03:24 ckhk3 Anyone order their e-juice online? Would appreciate referrals who ship to Hawaii. For 21+ only.

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2021.12.07 03:24 ArcadeLove I'm done with FH5 for the moment, the game keeps uninstalling itself

I don't know how common is this bug but it has happened to me 4 times in the last 4 weeks.
One night it runs perfectly on my computer but when I try to launch the game the next day it throws a message similar to: "Forza Horizon 5 cannot be open because is offline". This happens because it cannot find the game files, even though they still use disk space.
Nothing I found online works, and repairing and resetting the app from the "Add or Remove Programs" settings menu literally removes the game of my system. And after that the dependencies are all fucked up and the xbox app can't install the game again easily because it kinda still thinks it is installed. It's a mess.
Maybe is not a FH5 problem but a Microsoft Store problem, I'm leaning more to a FH5 problem because it hasn't happened to me with any other game I installed with gamepass, also with FH4 I for months I had the problem the game would crash on the splash screen for months, son I think PG simply doesn't know how to make launchers.
I'm really sad because I was really excited for this game and I have enjoyed it very much so far (with all it's graphical bugs and stuff) but this bug it's crazy, I can't be downloading 100 GB 3 times a weeks just to play a few hours after work, maybe I'll try again after next patch to see if something changed but I doubt it because I'm sure this bug is really rare.
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2021.12.07 03:24 The1LessTraveledBy What do you do when you can't look down to avoid eye contact?

Like a lot of people here, I obviously struggle with eye contact constantly. Usually, my go to's are looking down, up, or over someone's shoulder. However, I'm a Music Education student and with that comes with the need to be able to conduct an ensemble of people. Conducting a musical ensemble is all done with body language and I guess eye contact or relatively looking at people is part of that. Technically speaking, I don't have to make any eye contact what so ever, I just need to look at a group of people, but yet that triggers my reaction to look anywhere but at the people I need to conduct.
Normally, I just find a way to work around eye contact, but I don't seem to have that option and this is something I really want to do. So, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can try and do better to look at a group of people, I would assume it's similar to giving a presentation or a speech in terms of eye contact.
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