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Jarost Marksa - Empires Shall Fall

2021.12.07 03:23 HeiHaCHi__MiSHiMa Jarost Marksa - Empires Shall Fall

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2021.12.07 03:23 healthanxietyta2021 Afib or hiatal hernia symptoms?

I've read several post that decribe afib symptoms as feeling like something was flopping around under the ribcage. I've felt that too but my doctor thought my symptoms pointed to a hiatal hernia. I didn't describe it to him as a fish flopping around just below my ribs (that's what it felt like), I said it was more like a strong palpitation. Is that symptom a common thing with afib?
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2021.12.07 03:23 ok123kk Hi there add me for streak/fun, 23M Oahu

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2021.12.07 03:23 TurtleTooFast Looking for a girl

Looking for a girl that fits this description to the exact dot: A petite girl that is within 4'10" to 5'6" that has the greenest eyes that I have ever seen, paired with brown hair or blond hair (natural no dyed). Must know how to speak English, please have either an American accent, German accent, British accent, Aussie accent, Norwegian accent, Austrian accent, polish accent, Serbian accent, Russian accent, French accent, Italian accent, English accent, Croatian accent, Columbian accent, Romanian accent, Swiss accent, Danish accent, Greek accent, Turkish accent, Ukrainian accent, Belgian accent, Czech accent, Swedish accent, Finnish accent, Albanian accent, Dutch accent, Slovakian accent, Bulgarian accent, Estonian accent, or New Zealander accent. Must be within 100 pounds to 125 pounds, medium sized boobs and a good looking ass. Please have white teeth that are perfectly straight because I love seeing beautiful girls smile. Must be around my age (18) and must be monogamous. Please don't smoke or drink or do drugs. Please be Christian and love Jesus (preferably Protestant, specifically Lutheran, but no strict rule on that as long as you are Christian and love Jesus). Please be a good optimistic girl who loves to laugh and finds the funny side in things, and be a little adventurous and also play games. Must be smart and have an IQ above 100 at the very least. Must be clean and smell good and have good manners (that means no cussing too). Please don't be a gold digger or an exhibitionist wearing some skintight leggings or extremely short shorts to go grocery shopping or something. Must be a virgin (if you masturbate that's fine but if a real cock was ever inside you, you're out). Please don't have any extreme disabilities (i.e. loss of one of the five senses, missing a limb, missing eyeball, etc). Must not be homeless. Must not be autistic or on the spectrum. Please don't be an extreme leftist or antifa or anything of the sort. No communists, socialists, nazis, etc.
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2021.12.07 03:23 MitchellBerry88 God is indeed good

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2021.12.07 03:23 TheHoplessRomantic93 hey u, 💐

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2021.12.07 03:23 Safe_Acanthisitta_99 Items for trade, PSI, Estore, seeds and more. ISO points. :)

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2021.12.07 03:23 dAngryKoala Zekrom raid, adding 5

7969 3104 2813
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2021.12.07 03:23 Shady312 Wheels

Got 2” Dobinson lift installed today, im sticking with 18” stock rim, what’s the tire size you’d recommend, I’m considering 265/65/18 DuraTrack or would that be too small?
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2021.12.07 03:23 Regis_Complex Theoretical BBDW Build Discussion: Houichiro Hazuki

Hey all! One of the things I'm most bummed out about with BBDW's cancellation is all the characters we'll likely never see playable. In response to that, I'd like to get some discussion going in the community on what different characters' kits could have looked like.
Admittedly, I really don't know where to start; I should probably be picking a more well known character, but here we are. The subject for discussion today is Mai's dad, Houchiro Hazuki. I'll put some of my own ideas below to get the conversation going.
It's hard for me to decide if Houchiro should be an Attacker or Tank, but either way I'd imagine him as Frontline. Maybe a high defense Attacker??? I'd really like to see him as a Fire unit to tie him to his daughter. I played with the idea of him being Wind for a while, as he would still share an element with Mai's Alt, and he'd be strong against his student Kagura, but I think for now I'm sticking with Fire.
He'd have the Duodecim and NOL tags, and I'd make an argument for letting him have Order. We don't have any canon connection between him and the Power of Order, but we don't have one for Hibiki or a few other characters either. I'd add it to him as a kind of allusion to his place in the world as "the only man who can fight off Azrael," sort of like a natural counter to him. Maybe Neutral would fit him too; he seems to place his duty above any moral rules. I'd like to see a new tag, Father, added to him as well. I think it could fit, given our multiple sibling tags.
I think his first skill could maybe be an Attack Up(maybe 35%) and Chamber Conversion: Special. The Chamber Conversion would be something he shares with both Mai and Kagura again, and my current idea for him is as a heavy hitter. I'm not terribly confident on this though. I've got no ideas for his second skill or his Special, DD, or AH.
Maybe for something a little more original, he could lower the enemy's Crit Rate??? Something inspired by his sheer intimidation factor.
I see his as having some kind of bonus for being alone in the front row, and also some kind of boost to other NOL members on the team, maybe a defensive boost???
Maybe his own Defense could rise gradually as turns progress, or at the start of waves, similar to Kagura's Attack raising.
I have no experience in game balancing myself, so these are all just off-the-cuff thoughts. I'd really love to hear everyone else's ideas!
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2021.12.07 03:23 Fancy-Proposal-656 Interesting about Etoro

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2021.12.07 03:23 Neroidius Dunkey is a fraud!!!

Open your eyes sheeple! Dunkey has failed every single one of us. And not only that but he hates us. It’s true! Dunkey only cares about money! He failed to pursue Donkey Kong December! And not only that but he didn’t even Mention Donkey Kong in GRA III, his last episode of Donkey Kong December! He’s been lying to us this whole time! Stand up for yourselves and resist Dunkey!
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2021.12.07 03:23 Otaylor092 Did we ever find out what the T-Rex video means?

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2021.12.07 03:23 Awkward_Wrap411 Good

トワ 庭子(@niwako_towa)さんがツイートしました: 第一印象と最初の掴みだけ抜群な知人がそろそろ追い出されそうなくらい会社で嫌われてるらしいんだけど「大丈夫だよ。そろそろ“みんなに嫌われてる人が好きな人”が出て来る頃だから」と笑っていてこいつの魂の強さどうなってんだと私も笑ってしまった。 https://twitter.com/niwako_towa/status/1467881458253824001?s=20
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2021.12.07 03:23 ausodevon 21+ MC Eternal server

My girlfriend and I are looking for a few people (max 5) to join us on our server. It's version 1.5 and it's practically a fresh world as we're still in the very early game. We prefer if you do your own questing/make your own team, but I want people to adventure with and help with mods. I know a lot, but there's a lot I don't know.
We just ask that you are 21+, active, and a decent human being. We plan to play on the world for awhile, so this isn't "play for one week, then nobody logs on ever again". We play almost everyday, so if you're looking for some modded minecraft fun, then message me!! Voice chat/disc is a must.
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2021.12.07 03:23 babyevil333 purple talk

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2021.12.07 03:23 Minute-Stand1985 ‼️Giving away 1x 🐐 NFT + 20 WL spots 💥.

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2021.12.07 03:23 BigBulkemails At giving life pro tips 🤦

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2021.12.07 03:23 SirDrillbeertje What are the best jokes during the New Year period, 28dec - 1jan?

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2021.12.07 03:23 rea987 Black Mesa: Blue Shift's (Half-Life: Blue Shift remake) Chapter 3 released and runs nicely on Linux


Initially developed and released by Gearbox Software in 2001, second Half-Life add-on, Half-Life: Blue Shift is a return to the Black Mesa Research Facility and another look at the Incident's consequences from the eyes of Gordon Freeman's best friend - Barney Calhoun.
In 2012, Crowbar Collective has delighted Half-Life fans with release of the magnificent Half-Life remake, but there are still no released remakes for add-ons. This is when we are coming in - HECU Collective are developing the Black Mesa: Blue Shift - a free remake with use of Black Mesa resources and style. We will try to stay as close to the original Blue Shift and Black Mesa as possible. Our mod will be releasing partially, chapter by chapter, so those who are not patient for the full release will finally have something to play!
The THIRD chapter of the Half-Life: Blue Shift remake, Duty Calls, is now released!
This workshop item now includes updated chapters 1 and 2 and newly released chapter 3!
1) Subscribe to Black Mesa: Blue Shift on Steam Workshop.
2) Opt-in public-beta branch of Black Mesa. (THIS IS IMPORTANT!)
3) Download Black Mesa.
4) Copy Black Mesa: Blue Shift mod folder into Black Mesa's directory.
cp -R ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/362890/2424633574/bshift ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Black\ Mesa 
Sound fix:
5a) Install pip and ValvePython's vpk:
sudo apt install pip pip install vpk 
5b) Extract sound and move sound files:
vpk -x ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Black\ Mesa/bshift/audio ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Black\ Mesa/bshift/bshift_sound_dir.vpk && mv ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Black\ Mesa/bshift/audio/sound ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Black\ Mesa/bshift && rm -d ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Black\ Mesa/bshift/audio 
6) Edit game launch options of Black Mesa:
mesa_glthread=true %command% -game bshift 
__GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATION=1 %command% -game bshift 
7) Launch Black Mesa
That's it, enjoy!
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2021.12.07 03:23 CreepingCoins So what does the name "G.Skill" mean, anyway?

I currently have GSkill RAM in my PC and have no complaints, but what does the name mean/stand for? Google and Wikipedia are no help, surprisingly.
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2021.12.07 03:23 system1228 Ontario improv

Hello, I have an extra ticket to the Ontario improve on 12/09. Let me know if your interested
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2021.12.07 03:23 ErrorMessages You have one week to spend a billion or you’ll lose it all. What are you buying?

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2021.12.07 03:23 Arckhunter @Arckhunter : Ninety Gravitational Wave Spectrograms and Counting #space #nasa https://t.co/7gsLeHlwix

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2021.12.07 03:23 sexuallybrokenloser What the hell do I do.

This post is going to be a clusterf&ck. I don’t know where else to go, I just need some relationship(?) help, only I don’t really have a relationship.
I have this guy friend and we’re super close. Like we hug for hours and kiss each other (not on the lips), we recently started cuddling. I spend so much time with him and we’re extremely vulnerable with one another. When I’m with him it feels so natural. I love everything he does and everything about him. It feels deeper than platonic love it’s like platonic adoration, or more. I really love him. But when I think about having sex with him I get scared, grossed out, and it doesn’t feel right. Yet I still want to so badly.
I know I’m a lesbian but I keep wishing that I wasn’t. I want to be bisexual (i realize you can’t choose, obviously, I wouldn’t be writing this if I could). I don’t think I’ll ever meet anyone like him and I want to call him mine. I want to desire to have sex with him, but the fact is I don’t. At the same time, I’ve never been more attracted and turned on by a dude in my life. Despite how much I adore him, I still can’t get my mind to the point to liking the idea of having sex with him.
I guess my issue is that I can’t tell if I’m a lesbian anymore. Maybe I am, and I’m just in denial because I love this man so much.
My question is has anyone else here even experienced something similar? And if so, how did you make sense of your emotions & deal with them?
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