Pokemon stuck in gym

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2021.10.27 13:33 ka_droid Pokemon stuck in gym

Hello there I have a gym right in front of my door and I had a 'pact' with my neighbors that are a different color. They in the morning, we in the evening. Recently there were some other guys from blue (my color) that also put a pokemon near mine. Know the problem is that day heal them now everytime someone attacks. It's bin 3 days and my pokemon is just stuck there. Is there anything I can do?
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2021.10.27 13:33 pippylay LUROY slats loose problem

I built a SONGESAND standard double bed and purchased the standard double LUROY slats.
However it looks as though the slats are too long for the bed. Anyone every had this issue or know how to resolve it? Im guessing I will have to endure the laborious task of calling IKEA UK to explain the problem. But im just wondering if its a regular problem or definitely faulty.
I have measured both sides where the stoppers are positioned and they are all in the same position so I built it correctly and have double checked all that.
I tried the slats in the opposite direction to check but as you can see it looks like one side is definitely faulty. Although both sides appear to be loose.
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2021.10.27 13:33 King_James925 Has this one scene done more to undermine ADHD then anything else ever?

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2021.10.27 13:33 Nerimashou The Mondstat crew feels like the main crew to me

While Genshin has so far been a game mostly about the traveler's journey, and the other playable characters are all being given some (often brief) screen time, the main crew from Mondstat feels as if they're a little more important and central to the overarching narrative than the others. By "Mondstat crew", I largely mean Kaeya, Amber, Lisa, Jean, Diluc, and Venti; but obviously folks like Albedo are important too.
Perhaps it's just becuase they were first, or because we had our Golden Archipelago adventure with them, but I get the sense that our Favonius friends are more important than the rest.
Consider that other than Xiangling; Amber, Lisa, and Kaeya are the only 4 star characters to receieve individual story quests. I admit this could simply be a concept Mihoyo abbandoned in favor of things like hang outs, but we know Kaeya's background makes him critical to future developments, and Lisa's story left us hanging with important unanswered lore points. The Mondstat crew's quests have them all tied up in the wider happenings in Teyvat, and have left us with important unanswered questions. Conversely, most of our interactions with Liyue characters have been largely isolated to Liyue centered events. Liyue's two standard 5 star characters didn't get invidual story quets, but all three of Mondstat's did. While all three nations have had to deal with the Fatui, it's only the Mondstat characters that have gotten invovled with the Abyss so far.
The manga also largely centers around the Mondstat crew. Sure, this could simply be because the manga was meant to help drive hype for the game and we start in Mondstat, but it also give the characters greater depth that other nations' characters are missing. Of course, we have some non-Mondstat folks in the manga who will no doubt be important down the road, and there could be more mangas as well, but the manga helps reinforce the idea that team Mondstat has a larger role to play.
Mondstat is the nation most tied up with Khaenri'ah and the abyss. Not only do we see the most Khaenri'ahn cultural influence in Mondstat, but we also know that Mondstat is connected to the ever so mysterious god of time. It very much feels like at the end of the traveler's journey, we'll be coming full circle back to Mondstat to get answers to these connections. I have no doubt that the Mondstat crew will be invovled. If Mihoyo ever pulls off the gacha classic of releasing more powerful versions of existing characters, I fully expect Amber, Lisa, and Kaeya to be first in line.
Heck, even the traveler's relationship with Mondstat is deeper than Liyue's and Inazuma's. Sure, both nations recognize the accomplishments of the traveler and treat them as an important person within their borders, but they're still the "traveler" in both places. It's only in Mondstat that the traveler is the "honorary knight." Again, maybe it's nothing more than a little flavor, but it fits a larger pattern.
This could all simply be a case of Mondstat was first, but to me, when you add it all up, team Mondstat feel critical to the story in a way that the other characters just don't. I've love to hear what others think.
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2021.10.27 13:33 RazorLeafie Which friend group is better?

Marinette, Alya, Alix, Juleka, Rose and Mylene
Marinette, Luka, Juleka, Rose and Ivan
Adrien, Max, Kim, Nino and Ivan
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2021.10.27 13:33 AnyGivenSunday__ Zach Wilson & Justin Fields, buy low's or shades of Rosen?

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2021.10.27 13:33 DemUnderground #CNN #News GOP candidate's new ad targets iconic book. Hear what he left out

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2021.10.27 13:33 Narrow-Bumblebee-992 'Did you do your spanish lessons today?'

'Did you do your spanish lessons today?'
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2021.10.27 13:33 sneakyowo1 JOIN CABLE CREATIVE RP NOW!!!

Cable Network is a fun, open, and unique server network with excellently crafted servers in order to provide the best experience! We have 2 servers, a Creative Roleplay and a Modded PvP, both with unique gameplay styles and features! We are currently on the lookout for more staff, especially ones with previous experience on creative roleplay or roleplay servers. If you are interested, shoot me a message!
What our Creative Roleplay offers:
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Do you have what it takes? Find out now!
IP: Port: 27030 Or Search: Cable Modded
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ckyds2n
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2021.10.27 13:33 tHrowAwayAcc282728 I’m severely introverted and it’s affecting my relationship with others.

I’m gonna get straight to the point with this one. I’m an 18YO female, who has been isolated from the world her whole life and also has been constantly rejected by the people who were supposed to take care of me, my siblings, and biological parents. They were always rude to me, my siblings would leave me out, my parents would pick on me and treat me as a criminal, I would get in trouble for every thing I did, things my elder and younger siblings could get away with, I could not, so I have always strived to be absolutely perfect so I wouldn’t get my phone taken, hit, or get yelled at, but that wasn’t good enough either. More people I have encountered began to treat me poorly as well, so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong but I could never figure out what that was, I would usually stay to myself, I don’t talk disrespectfully and I don’t give anyone an attitude, and I always try to be happy and kind to everyone who comes my way, and I never have to argue with anyone, so I really don’t know what the issue is with me and why I can’t seem to find someone whose fond of my presence, and won’t switch up on me and start treating me like I’m a weirdo. It’s like I can’t be comfortable with anyone. Because of my lack of experience with socializing, I am extremely awkward, and I don’t know how to hold interesting conversations with others, after a little while, things become awkward and silent and it makes me wanna hide. I always feel as if I’m being judged by the people who I encounter now, I work at a store, most of my coworkers are my age, they all seem to get along very well, but I have a ton of trouble with talking with them because can’t relate to them at all, the only time we speak to each other is if it’s work related. So I always end up being by myself. I would like to get a therapist to help me feel comfortable with talking to other people, but talking face to face with someone, makes me feel horrible about myself, especially with something like this. You’re probably wondering why I’m on Reddit instead, it’s because I don’t have to face any of of you. And I have time to think of a response before I answer back. I just need some advice on how to feel normal, like there isn’t something wrong with me, and how to talk with people so i can enjoy my life like everyone else my age.
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2021.10.27 13:33 W3475ter Doctor suddenly keeps getting the same operator whenever he does

Who is it and what’s happening?
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2021.10.27 13:33 weldawadyathink Get Bedtime Alarms returns junk data

I am trying to have a shortcut pull the next bedtime alarm from the clock app. I think it used to pull just the time of the next bedtime alarm. Now, on iOS 15.1, it is pulling 3 separate Bedtime alarms. Is this a bug, or was this always the case?
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2021.10.27 13:33 The_Better_Devil "If this bitch asks me for my Zodiac Sign I'm giving her the peoples elbow right to the fucking temple"

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2021.10.27 13:33 DemUnderground Why is the press rooting for a Democratic loss in Virginia? Thumbs on the scale.

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2021.10.27 13:33 PCgeek345 Does anyone know of a PC bag/duffel bag that would fit the odd proportions of the FD Core 500?

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2021.10.27 13:33 Funny-Fan-9439 Terrible bank

Yesterday I went to get work done on my car. The total came to $1,700. I tried to use my BBVA card and was declined. I tried 6 more times even entering it manually much to my dismay this did not work. The shop was closing and I need my car for work. I ended up transferring money from my savings to my checking account and using my debit. I have a 10k limit on my BBVA credit card and I pay my bill in full every time. I called the customer service line and was told a manager will reach out. Has anyone else run into this issue? I have been with BBVA since it was compass bank and have had an account for over a decade with them. I don’t believe I should pay out of pocket given I have credit with them. I’m extremely frustrated with this current problem as I’m trying to save for a house. Any advice is welcome.
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2021.10.27 13:33 surgetkl I know we don’t need them but is RH already driving up our ATH?

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2021.10.27 13:33 groovy_jeff Why can't I withdraw RAY from BitMart

When I try to withdraw RAY from BitMart, it won't allow me to click on "Withdraw"; anyone have a clue as to why?
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2021.10.27 13:33 Mayer_Barzini 2 Men Gargoyle | Ghosts Breakpoint | Mayer Barzini Gaming

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2021.10.27 13:33 CryptoEnthusiastInfo where is the option on binance to setup a payment from bank to binance. (Not sending payment with card transaction)

does anyone know where to find the option in order to obtain the banking information for binance in order to send money from bank to binance account (uk based )
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2021.10.27 13:33 bbbbbo How to get a profile ng

So I have a friend in the ng who needs to get a profile, the only thing is though that her units only medical staff is activated and cannot see this person until after next drill. I know that there is a form a civilian dr can fill out that you send up your chain, I cannot find it. I either a. may be wrong about this entire question or b. might be too stupid to find it.
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2021.10.27 13:33 biglombow First time ginger beer.

Hey guys, first time making ginger beer and I'm using the Joshua weissman recipe. I've made the ginger bug and I'm going to be brewing the 'tea' and bottling today but not sure about the right amount of sugar. How much sugar should I use if I wanted something lightly sweet?
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2021.10.27 13:33 remingtonrat I found this little guy in my room, it seems to be in the early stages of a death curl. Very sluggish and having trouble moving. Is there anything I can do for it??

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2021.10.27 13:33 Scruffy_TheJanitor_ Trying to read a book about mushroom foraging in Google books, how do I read it in color rather than black and white?

The book starts in color before I click on it then after a second it transitions to black and white. It's kinda imperitive for me to be able see the pictures since color can be a part of identification and, y'know, if I get identification wrong I could die. I'm on an Android phone. I've tried looking through all the settings and when I look up online for answers I just can't seem to find any help whatsoever. Am I missing something obvious?
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2021.10.27 13:33 ETM52KOK CLANDESTINI

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