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Fighting climate change is a $150 trillion battle: Bank of America report

2021.10.27 14:12 OrwellWasRight69 Fighting climate change is a $150 trillion battle: Bank of America report

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Love Jen Carfagno!
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2021.10.27 14:12 SeekingDiscounts_ Amazon: Save Up to 50% off Watches from Invicta, Timex, Tommy Hilfiger, and more! Today Only!

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2021.10.27 14:12 WillieStroker69 How I would’ve re-written the MK11 story mode (WARNING: Extremely long)

MK11’s story mode was a complete mess, in my opinion, and a brown stain on what was a great game. There were too many plot holes, Kronika was a terrible villain, it made MKX’s ending pointless, so many characters were bastardised and the timeline reset made the MK9-11 story feel like a complete waste of time.
Now, I’m not going to automatically assume that I’m better than NRS could ever be, but I’m going to give it a shot at writing my own ‘better’ version of the MK11 story, which fixes a lot of the problems that I had with the original one.
CHAPTER 1: Next of Kin (Cassie Cage)
Keep it the same, siege hell, castle boom, Sonya die, the end. But make a few changes: - Have only Shinnok’s Bone Temple blown up, making the castle look like a failed Demolition attempt

After what goes down, Liu Kang swears revenge on Raiden and plans on conquering Earthrealm. But instead of Kronika showing up, enter SHANG TSUNG. He makes an offer to ally with the Netherrealm, alongside his new enforcer, Geras. The Revs agree and here, the story changes…
CHAPTER 2: Invasion (Kotal Kahn)
We start the chapter where Rain & Tanya are about to be executed by Kotal Kahn. Suddenly, Netherrealm forces arrive at the Koliseum, including Kabal, Nightwolf, Geras and Sindel. Whilst Kotal manages to fight them off, he wastes time killing the unkillable Geras for Kabal to head into the dungeons and free Kira, Skarlet and Jarek. Meanwhile, Kotal’s council escapes to safety.
In the Netherrealm, Jade rediscovers an old Edenian funeral mask and has both happy and sad memories of Edenia, causing her to break down into tears, resenting what she’s become and longing to return to humanity. I based that part on a fanfic I wrote and I believe something like that would give the Revenants more personality, rather than be generic jobbers like they were in the real MK11. We’ll also have Kitana come in and comfort Jade, showcasing more of her strong bond with her best friend, rather than making her a completely heartless empress, again, adding another layer to her Revenant’s character.
If you want to read more on how I would’ve changed the Revenant’s characters, read here:
CHAPTER 3: Dragon’s Roar (Takeda/Kabal)
This chapter will have both a hero and a villain be playable, which will make the villains look strong whilst still being able to advance the plot logically, rather than have ONLY the good guys be playable and all the villains be weak.
Takeda convinces Raiden to help Outworld, but due to Kotal’s actions towards the SF in MKX, he refuses to. This part will acknowledge previous events that happened in X, unlike MK11 where Kotal simply lies in front of Past Raiden about what’s been happening, because its a different one to Dark Raiden, hence showing the consequences of people’s actions.
Afterwards, the Black Dragon come in. Whilst Takeda takes down Jarek & Skarlet, Kira & Kabal take him down and capture Cassie, leaving Johnny an emotional wreck, fearing of losing the last one of his family. The heroes need extra support so Kuai Liang gets a message to find Hanzo Hasashi.
CHAPTER 4: Fire and Ice (Scorpion & Sub-Zero)
After X, Scorpion is ashamed of his actions in killing Quan Chi and nearly dooming everyone that he self-isolates, not wanting to cause any more damage. This also shows the consequences of X, where Hanzo refused to listen and doomed the Revenants by killing Quan Chi. This would also add a new layer to Hanzo’s character, where he desperately tries to keep ‘Scorpion’ under control.
Eventually, Kuai finds him and convinces him to come back but they are ambushed and captured by the Cyber Lin Kuei. Eventually, they escape, turn Cyrax to the heroe’s side, and return to to the SF Base, where Raiden reluctantly gives Hanzo another chance, remembering his sins.
I’m basically keeping this chapter the same as 11, but with some changes to add more depth to characters.
CHAPTER 5: Seeking Aid (Kung Lao)
In the Netherrealm, the armies gather together for an invasion but Kung Lao, also rejecting his Revenant Life, like in his MKX ending, refuses and stands up to Liu Kang. The two fight and Jade heads off to Earthrealm with Kung Lao. This new story arc will be interesting as it splits the faction into those who have accepted the evil they have become and those rejecting it. And Kitana’s stuck in the middle between her best friend Jade and her knight in shining armour Liu Kang.
Anyways, Lao & Jade reach the SF base and are greeted with Raiden’s hostility, wanting to kill them, but the others are willing to give them a chance. They also find out about what Hanzo did to Quan Chi and one hilariously long and awkward scene later, (for comedy purposes. We need more funny scenes), they fight, but make up afterwards. Once again, this acknowledges X’s previous events and the consequences, now that the Revs are likely doomed, thanks to Hanzo being an impatient dickhead.
CHAPTER 6: Family Business (Johnny Cage)
The SF, along with Hanzo, who recalls seeing something on a cyber Lin Kuei, which revealed a location, set out to rescue Cassie from the Black Dragon. During this scene, we get a heartfelt moment, where Hanzo & Johnny discuss losing their loved ones and to make up for his mistakes, Hanzo vows to protect the Cage family. More scenes like this would be great as it establishes relationships between characters that don’t usually interact much.
In the end, they beat Kira, Jarek, Skarlet & Kabal and rescue Cassie. Afterwards, we get another scene where a calmer Dark Raiden talks with Revenant Jade & Kung Lao.
CHAPTER 7: Chaotic Intentions (Noxious)
Noxious is a new character, who has the ability to control plants and release toxins to harm the opponent. In terms of backstory, he was the captain of Shao Kahn’s forces that purged the realm of Zaterra, giving him a rivalry with Reptile. Here, he and D’Vorah serve Havik in the Chaos Realm, where Sindel, on behalf of the Netherrealm, forms an alliance with them. They agree and then Noxious leads the Chaosrealm army to storm Outworld and take their Kamidogu.
With that, Raiden receives a challenge from Liu Kang to a Mortal Kombat Tournament and whilst initially reluctant, he is forced to unite with Outworld against the Netherrealm. In this scene, it would make sense for Raiden to have animosity towards Kotal, again, due to his actions nearly dooming the world in MKX.
Meanwhile, Liu Kang realises that Shang Tsung thinks he’s in control so he aggressively reminds the sorcerer that EMPEROR LIU KANG is in charge. This horrific scene will be effective in establishing the fact that Liu has fully succumbed to and accepted the evil, as well as becoming the one thing he wanted to destroy: A ruthless, vicious tyrant, just like Shao Kahn, similarly to Anakin Skywalker’s story in the Prequel Trilogy.
CHAPTER 8: The Tournament (Kitana)
The Mortal Kombat tournament is set in the Netherrealm, where Earthrealm’s kamidogu is on the line. Kitana is selected to represent the Netherrealm and she wipes the floor with Outworld’s challengers, eliminating Outworld from the tournament and leaving them to battle the Chaosrealm and Netherrealm alone.
CHAPTER 9: Violation (Smoke)
With the Special Forces staying behind to help Cassie recover, Shang Tsung & Smoke decide to break the deal and attempt to steal the Kamidogu at the Sky Temple. However, they are stopped and Smoke is left behind by Shang Tsung. This plants the seeds of Shang Tsung secretly using the Revenants to get himself power and conquer the realms on his own, as well as turning Smoke over to the heroic side.
CHAPTER 10: Hell Breaks Loose (Raiden)
Raiden learns of Shang Tsung’s actions and is furious, deciding to break the rules of the tournament and have himself compete. He beats D’Vorah and Noxious before defeating Kitana, rigging the tournament to have Earthrealm win. However, Liu Kang disqualifies Earthrealm and fights Raiden, as the rest of the heroes arrive but Shang Tsung appears and banishes them to the Void.
In the Void, the fifth Pane of the Netherrealm (a call-back to Scorpion’s MK4 ending), Raiden snaps and decided to kill Jade & Kung Lao, believing the whole thing to be a set-up to have the Netherrealm conquer everything. He is about to kill them before everyone sides with them against him, causing Dark Raiden to try and kill everyone out of anger before Hanzo stands up to him fights him. After a long battle, Hanzo says that he wants to ‘save’ Raiden instead and frees him from Shinnok’s amulet that has been corrupting him this entire time, thus reverting him back to good Raiden. They all make amends and vow to stop the Netherrealm.
This scene will be effective in ending Dark Raiden’s story arc, instead of having him killed off in the second chapter, as well as making Scorpion’s role more prominent, as well as fully redeeming both himself and Raiden. Raiden’s actions in the Void also highlight part of his character that wants all non-Earthrealmers to be killed, because he sees them as a threat to the realm, calling back to him attacking Scorpion and Liu Kang in the original MK11 story. But this time, he willing to kill ALL of his allies for opposing him because he ‘demands obedience, not trust’, like in the original story.
CHAPTER 11: The Void (Sareena/Sefina)
They encounter Sareena in the Void, who was previously exiled here by Liu Kang after being exposed as a double agent to Earthrealm. She teams up with new character, Sefina, and use Shinnok’s amulet to lure Havik & D’Vorah to the Void so they use their portal to escape, as well as killing D’Vorah in the process.
About Sefina, she’s a new fighter in the game, a Samoan-born female fighter who was part of Nightwolf’s tribe before he was killed in the events of MK9. She joins the heroes and sets out to restore Nightwolf and the other Revenants. I added her in because all of MK11’s newcomers were villains and I wanted to balance things out a little more.
CHAPTER 12: Death of the Dragon (Erron Black/Skarlet)
The Black Dragon & Kabal head to Outworld for revenge against Kotal killing Kano before the events of MK11, but Erron Black sets out to kill them. After a fight with Skarlet, he tries to convince her to join the heroes’ side. She hesitates but after learning of Kano killing her parents in Sochi when she was a child, she betrays the Black Dragon and joins Erron in killing both Kira and Jarek as Kabal flees.
This would add more character to Skarlet’s backstory, a modified version of my Russian orphan backstory I had for her. It also makes her a more sympathetic character, who was driven to blood magik by hunger, and was influenced by villains such as Shao Kahn, Mileena and now Kano.
Meanwhile in the Netherrealm, Kitana argues with Liu Kang and they fight, leading to him throwing her into the Void portal, but it leads to where the Earthrealm team escaped. She reunites with Jade and joins the heroes, telling them of the Netherrealm’s plans to merge the realms, despite Earthrealm’s ‘victory’, thanks to Dark Raiden’s previous actions.
With that happening, Raiden declares war on the Netherrealm, in an attempt to stop them once and for all.
CHAPTER 13: This Means War (Scorpion)
The Sky Temple is destroyed and turned into a battleground for war. Hanzo leads the charge and eliminates a large chunk of the Chaos Realm and Netherrealm forces before Liu Kang takes him out.
CHAPTER 14: Retribution (Jade)
It is Jade’s turn to shine as she battles her former revenant allies and takes down Liu Kang before she tries throwing him into the Jinsei, to cleanse him. However, Shang Tsung corrupts the Jinsei’s essence with dark magic, which ends up empowering Revenant Liu Kang.
CHAPTER 15: The Puppet Master (Shang Tsung)
Shang Tsung fights off Kitana, Jade & The Cage Family before Liu Kang and Raiden stare down in an emotionally-driven battle, with Raiden not wanting to kill Liu Kang but to save him. This would be an incredible scene that shows off the history that Raiden and Liu Kang, cultimating in a true final battle between the fallen hero, seeking revenge against the mentor who accidentally killed him and took everything from him, and the grieving mentor, who trained Liu Kang all his life and acted like the father he never had, even choosing him as Earthrealm’s champion.
Eventually, the fight ends with Liu Kang overpowering the Thunder God and mortally wounding him with a flaming punch through his torso. Suddenly, Shang Tsung destroys Shinnok’s head and absorbs Liu Kang’s dark magic, reverting him to human, but also turning Shang Tsung into a Death God, as the Jinsei structure, corrupted, levitates into the sky, as the Sorcerer prepares to merge the realms.
This scene perfectly displays Shang Tsung as the true final villain all along, playing everybody like puppets to get what he wants in the end: TOTAL DOMINATION.
CHAPTER 16: The Chosen One (Liu Kang)
Restored, Liu Kang goes to a dying Raiden and tearfully apologises, and is forgiven when Raiden transfers his godly essence to Liu Kang, making him into FIRE GOD LIU KANG. He uses Raiden’s amulet to transfer some godlike essence into still-Revenant Kitana, Kung Lao and Jade to empower them too, as they go off to battle Shang Tsung and save the realms.
Liu Kang simply fends off the bigger secondary villains like Havik, Geras, Rain and Tanya. One badass walk-in scene later, Liu and his empowered Revenant allies face off with Shang Tsung in the final battle.
FINAL BATTLE: Fire God Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kitana & Jade vs Death God Shang Tsung
This will be different to other final bosses as it will involve both weak spots to attack, and certain projectiles you can deflect to break Shang Tsung’s armour, as well as konsumables to empower you or weaken Shang Tsung, instead of a basic best-of-3 fight. Shang Tsung will have 5000 health whilst the heroes have 1250 health each.
If Shang Tsung wins, he merges and destroys the realms, by summoning the One Being, before killing him, releasing said realms and reshaping them into a new era, where he rules above all.
If Liu Kang wins, he throws Shang Tsung into the Jinsei, overloaded with Kitana, Jade & Kung Lao’s godly essence transferred into it, which incinerates and kills the sorcerer in a mighty explosion. The blast of essence around the battlefield restores all the revenants to humans.
After the Revenants are restored, everybody comes around Raiden, who makes Liu Kang protector of Earthrealm before he finally dies in his student’s arms. This caps off Raiden’s MK9-11 story arc in an emotional way, and makes way for a new Era, with Liu Kang as Earthrealm’s protector
Since Kotal was killed by Tanya & Rain in battle, Kitana takes the throne of Outworld, with Jade, Skarlet & the rest of Kotal’s allies by her side. Meanwhile, Lord Liu Kang is the protector of Earthrealm, with the Special Forces, Shirai Ryu, Lin Kuei and Shaolin by his side. The story ends panning around a shot of Raiden’s statue, made as a tribute to him, before the sky shows a silhouette of him watching over the realms, as an Elder God.
An epilogue shows that not all Revenants were restored as Revenant Mileena takes the throne alongside Rain, Tanya and Reiko, setting up a DLC story…
Here are a few things that are established in this story, but not in the actual MK11 story: - More fan favourite characters get a lot of screen time and backstory, instead of just being…there.
And that’s it! Sorry if that was way too long but I really wanted to share some of my ideas, as I feel like MK11’s story had potential to be one of the greatest, but they didn’t really capitalise on it that much. I hope this doesn’t come across as some moron who thinks he’s better than a game company, because all I’m trying to do here is share my thoughts about what I feel is a terrible story mode and suggest a better alternative that could satisfy more fans.
If you didn’t like the MK11 story, how would YOU have written it?
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2021.10.27 14:12 FuSeven Anyone else attending the Halloween Party on the 31th?

This will be my first time and I can't wait! Really looking forward to some extra spooky nighttime fun in the park. 🎃
If you are going what are you looking forward to the most? For the ones who have been there in the past years, what has been the most fun and do you have any tips for the night?
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2021.10.27 14:12 smokeymctokerson Family members of deceased vampires probably have to decide whether to buy a new coffin or bury them in the one they already have.

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2021.10.27 14:12 Pizza_Face3 Windows Spotlight now working AGAIN

Windows Spotlight now working AGAIN I've had issues with Spotlight before, but this one takes the cake!
A few weeks ago, Spotlight decided to get stuck on an image again, so I tried every fix I could find (turning on background apps, deleting AppData files in folders, using PowerShell commands, and when those options didn't work, I decided to completely format my drive and re-install Windows 10) - the problem still persists. What's funny is, Spotlight is stuck on the same image (without "fun facts" appearing, by the way) on both my desktop and laptop PC. So, I'm left wondering why? Could it be something wrong with my Microsoft account? I've tried signing out, adding "someone else to this PC", and also changing region settings - still nothing.
Any thoughts or help with this would be greatly appreciated. I only wish Microsoft would step up and fix this with an update as I've seen many other people facing the same problem.
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2021.10.27 14:12 KyleTheJudge7 A small gallery of a beautiful English lop bunny

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2021.10.27 14:12 Lia40k How to can i stop my game from freezing all the time.

Hello guys, i havent come back to the game for a very long time. i have just installed it and started a new game. since doing so my game keeps freezing for about 5 seconds as if its trying to load information. Is this a common thing for the game and is it fixable.
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2021.10.27 14:12 pangolaissues Contact Representative IRS, should I accept the firm offer?

I'm struggling to decide whether a position as a contact representative with the Irs is worth it??
Do you have any insights about the work that is done as a contact representative? Any tips to help me decide would be appreciated.
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2021.10.27 14:12 parmesanbutt My original vax card was destroyed in the rain on Sunday. SF General refused to mail me a new physical card. Can I print out my official CA QR vaccination record to travel internationally?

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2021.10.27 14:12 AtTheWaterPark NEW SNIPPET AT 3-4 EST

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2021.10.27 14:12 nova_dream_art My New Collection of 30 Artworks is Available : Psychedelic Halloween (Human and AI Collaboration) (Link in Comment) (Special Halloween Collection)

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2021.10.27 14:12 yakufisch need pure bladestone and pwct, SL 90

my id is Yakufisch
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2021.10.27 14:12 Tiki-Tiger Senator Tom Cotton Unleashes Fury at Merrick Garland

As far as I know this is the complete line of questioning. Explosive. Includes Reference to Scott Smith and the Loudoun County cover Up!
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